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Frangipani Wooden Cake Stand
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Serving Trays & Serving Platters

Serving platters or serving platter trays are essentially flat trays that are used to display and serve a variety of foodstuffs. They are designed to carry or present multiple food items at a time. Besides, serving platter trays are also great for entertaining guests. You can quickly and elegantly serve multiple dishes at once, making you look like a pro. With so many colorful modern food serving platters available these days, one can use them as a decorative stand for hot meals or drinks on their dining table.

Benefits of Using Serving Trays & Platters

If you’re looking to elevate your hospitality and add some glimmer to your house parties, a serving platter is the best way to go. But, before you make your first buy, here are some of the top serving platters benefits that will make the decision easier:

(•) Aesthetic Food Presentation: The seamless aesthetic value they bring to the table gives serving platters leverage over serving trays. While serving trays are more functional in use, serving platters bring many advantages; one of them is the decorative value they come with.

(•) Effortless Serving: Serving platters come with the perk of seamless and easy serving of desserts and appetizers. Moreover, they are great for creating fondue boards or cheese boards, which not only lend an aesthetic appeal but also make for a great serving experience for dinner parties and celebrations.

(•) Easy Maintenance: Just a quick clean-up using a wet and a dry cloth is sometimes enough to maintain the cleanliness, hygiene, and quality of these serving platters. This is also one of the foremost serving platters advantages that makes them easy to use & maintain.

Different Types of Serving Trays & Platters

There are several serving platters types used today, and since so much serveware falls into the serving platter category, we have compiled some of the most commonly used ones that you need to consider to make things easier.

Deep dish platters and shallow dish platters are the two most common types of serving platters. Deep dish serving platters are usually used for gravies or anything that is a little runny. Shallow serving platters, particularly wooden and marble serving platters, are ideal for arranging appetizers and dry foods.

And then, of course, there are the dessert serving platters. These, too, can be varied based on the type of dessert you wish to serve. Deep-dish dessert serving platters are ideal for soufflés and runny desserts like kheer, while shallow dishes dessert platters are perfect for dry desserts like mithais and cakes.

One of the qualities that sets serving platter trays apart is their versatility. Their multi-purpose quality, coupled with the ease with which they can be used for various things, makes them an absolute must-have for anyone and everyone. One can use it to present snacks and appetizers by creating sandwich platters, cheese platters, dry fruit platters, and even fruit platters. One can also set up cake platters, cupcake platters, and vegetable platters with dips for dinner parties and celebrations. 

It is also the wide variety of materials used to make these serving platters that lends them these qualities of versatility, elegance, and extraordinary luxe appeal. While wooden serving platters and bamboo serving platters exude a rustic yet elegant vibe, ceramic serving platters and stainless steel serving platters exude a more functional and pragmatic appeal. Similarly, marble (white, black, and pink) serving platters and agate stone serving platters relay a contemporary ambience that complements all kinds of decor and tablescapes.

The shape and hues of these food serving platters are one feature that enhances their luxurious nature. They come in four primary shapes that are neutral yet evergreen, like rectangular, oval, round, and square shaped serving platters. Awash in colors that are rich, somber, and hence royal, like brown, black, and white serving platters, these serving platter trays are designed to complement all kinds of decor and interior ambience.

Serving Trays & Platters For Your Home Cafe Or Restaurant

Whether you intend to use food serving platters such as starter serving platters to serve starters or chips, gourmet serving platters to serve appetizers, party food serving platters to serve party munchies, dessert serving platters to serve desserts and crackers, kitchen serving platters to serve a variety of snacks or drinks, and buffet serving platters to serve meals, trust these pantry staples to enhance every tablescape. Use it for your home, for your office pantry, or even for your cafe or restaurant business to make your serving experience seamless, elegant, and aesthetic.

Price of Serving Trays & Platters

Depending on the pattern, color, and material, serving platters prices can differ. However, our serving platters fall into the affordable spectrum of price range. Because of our competitive serving platters costs and top-of-the class quality, our serving platter trays are highly sought-after and considered some of the best throughout India.

Buy Serving Platters Online - Serving Platter Trays Online Shopping

If you are looking to buy serving platters online, this online shopping store is one of the best places to browse. This serveware online shop provides a wide selection of unique serving platters, from contemporary designs to sculptured shapes. Also, for those looking for a home gift or a wedding gift, our gorgeous selection of serving trays & platters for sale here would be a perfect choice and will always be well received.

Feel free to browse our range of serving trays & serving platters, which includes snack serving platters, cheese serving platters, fruit serving platters, salad serving platters, sandwich serving platters, cake platters, cupcake serving platters, and dried fruit serving platters. For lightweight options indoors and outdoors, try our wooden serving platters. Besides, you’ll also find some difficult-to-find marble serving platters and metal serving platters (i.e., stainless steel serving platters) in our online catalog here that aren’t available elsewhere.

So why wait? Improve your already spectacular dinner parties with our one-of-a-kind collection of serving platters. You'll find sturdy yet stylish serving platters in our inventory that are elegant enough for entertaining but durable enough for everyday dining. They are dishwasher and microwave safe, making cleaning up after a gathering easier than ever.

Whether you're hosting a dinner party for friends or just snacking with family, our serving platter sets are perfect for any occasion. For those luxurious afternoon tea moments, serve your finger sandwiches on one of our beautiful sandwich platter trays. For more buffet style dinners, display your treats on one of our oval, rectangular, round, or square serving platter trays.

There you have it. With an array of options available here to choose from; we are certain that you’ll find the best serving platters for your next get together easily.