Joyful Baby Monk Decorative Candle Ho...
Rs. 898.00
Rs. 1,797.00
Kalamkari Burni Candle Set Of Three
Rs. 1,247.00
Rs. 2,494.00
Silver Candle Holder Stand For 5 Tape...
Rs. 3,419.00
Rs. 6,839.00
Candle Holder Jar With Scented Wax Me...
Rs. 1,188.00
Rs. 2,377.00
Wooden Boat Candle Holder
Rs. 2,876.00
Rs. 5,752.00
Ship Candle Holder
Rs. 1,834.00
Rs. 3,669.00
Dome Shaped Baarik Texture Tea Light ...
Rs. 914.00
Rs. 1,828.00
Gold Blooming Lotus Candle Holder
Rs. 500.00
Rs. 1,000.00
Copper Butterfly Lid Candle Holder Jar
Rs. 827.00
Rs. 1,655.00
Brass Deer Candle Holder
Rs. 3,191.00
Rs. 6,382.00
Upgrade the aura of your home with our collection of wooden, brass, copper, enamel & tealight candle holders. Buy candle holders from Nostalgia Homes now!