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Tea & Table Coasters

Coasters are a small mat or disc that are placed under a beverage container to protect the surface of a table or countertop. A drink without a coaster could cause the table to be stained or discoloured. If the drink remains forgotten for a long time, this damage will only get worse with time. Coasters like tea coasters protect the table from tea stains while table coasters are used to protect the table from cutlery scratches. With all that in mind, it only makes sense to lay down a coaster before you set down your drink. By using a (tea or table) coaster, you’ll not only keep the stains at bay but will also have a modish home decor at the same time.

Benefits of Coasters

Coasters offer several benefits. One of the main advantages of using coasters is that they ensure that your furniture stays in pristine condition. Another advantage of coasters is that they are available in a variety of styles & patterns to complement any home décor. The ability to hold several beverages in one location and make them conveniently available for you and your guests is yet another perk. Overall, investing in coasters and coaster sets is a wise decision for anyone looking to glimmer their tabletop space. 

In case you haven’t used coasters like tea coasters or table coasters previously, you’d be amazed by their incredible benefits that are listed below:

(•)  Keeps your furniture safe from unsightly water rings, scratches and stains.
(•)  Ensure your surfaces stay hygienic.
(•)  Add a decorative touch to your home decor.
(•)  Reduce the likelihood of spills while eating at the table.
(•)  An affordable solution for safeguarding your furniture.
(•)  Provide an extensive selection of design alternatives that cater to various preferences.
(•)  Suitable for gifting to acquaintances, loved ones and co-workers.
(•)  Simple to clean & maintain with minimal effort.

Different Types of Coasters

Coasters aren’t just a piece of tableware anymore. They’re a legitimate decoration for your furniture and can provide a pleasing accent to your home’s style. To help you find the perfect coaster, we’ve perused the market to find the ultimate types of coasters that would be apt for your usage.

(•) Square Coasters - These types of coasters provide a sleek and modern aesthetic that works well in contemporary decor while also offering more surface area to protect your furniture.

(•) Round Coasters - These types of coasters are a classic choice, perfect for any style of home, restaurant or an office. The circular shape is versatile and easy to use and it can be made from a variety of materials such as wood or stone.

(•) Hexagon Coasters - These types of coasters offer a unique and geometric design, providing an eye-catching addition to any space. This six-sided shape also provides ample surface area for larger drinkware. 

Finally, before you decide on which coaster type you would want to own, just keep a check on how big your cups or glasses are. You wouldn’t want to buy coasters that are smaller than your cups & glasses. Coasters that are around 4 inches size are an excellent choice however, the standard coaster size measures about 3 inches which are also great as long as your cups & glasses match them.

Coasters in Different Materials

When choosing coasters, buyers should start by considering the material of the coasters. While some coasters are made from cork, neoprene, plastic, silicone or metal others are made from glass, ceramics, stones, marble, bamboo or paper. However, the best quality material is the wooden coaster as it absorbs moisture better & lasts longer.

With so many materials out there, it might be a little overwhelming to zero it down on the right coaster for your use. So, here we give you the breakdown on picking the right material coaster for you.

(•) Wooden Coasters - Wood coasters can bring warmth to your table in a way that no other material can. Teak wood and mango tree wood are the best kinds of wood used to make beautiful pieces of personalized tea coasters.

(•) Marble Coasters - Extremely durable, marble coasters are seriously trendy. These coasters are a great choice for upscale events & style conscious home decorators. The heavy look and the natural streaks of the marble is a perfect addition to any tableware.

(•) Wood & Marble Coasters - These coasters are a unique combination of natural materials that offer a stylish and functional option for protecting surfaces from beverage stains. Combining wood and marble creates an interesting contrast and texture, adding a touch of sophistication to your table. 

(•) Rattan Coasters - These coasters provide a natural and rustic look, perfect for outdoor or beach settings. 

(•) Resin Coasters - Resin can be moulded in various shapes thus, they are in demand for decorating the home interior. You can match them easily with any crockery set.

(•) Glass Coasters - These coasters look lavish, shiny & transparent. They can elevate your decor by their detailing & impressions. You can use glass coasters for fancy occasions and they will bring you a lot of compliments. 

(•) Agate Stone Coasters - Some materials stand out more than others. If you prefer a luxurious yet natural look, agate stone coasters are the way to go. These coasters are a popular choice for their natural and unique patterns, adding a touch of elegance to your decor.

Coasters for Home / Office / Restaurant or Cafe

Coasters are expected to be used on every table these days be it home, office or restaurant, especially if the owner is fastidious about the presence on the table. For such discerning people there are specific coasters options meant for their specific needs.

(•) Coasters for Home Use

Coasters for homes are mainly used to protect the dining tables from blemishes caused by cups and glasses. Besides, they are an excellent investment that can elevate your home's aesthetics.

Dining table coasters for home use are available in a range of styles, designed to cater to specific needs. They can be used for multiple purposes such as protecting surfaces from water rings, adding decorative elements to a room and providing a stable surface for beverages. 

(•) Coasters for Restaurants & Cafe Use

Coasters have become a requisite in cafés & restaurants too. They not only protect the tables from watermarks, stains and scratches caused by hot & cold beverages but are also used as promotional pieces. By purchasing a top notch coaster set for your cafe or restaurant, you'll be making a wise decision that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your eatery but also preserves the lifespan of your commercial place furniture. 

Price of Coasters

When shopping for coasters or coaster sets, price is an important consideration for many customers. It's important to consider your budget and needs when shopping for coasters or coaster sets and to find a balance between quality and affordability to ensure you get the most value for your money. 

The cost of coasters can vary depending on factors such as the materials used, design and brand. Overall, whether you're looking for a simple coaster or a more elaborate set, there are many affordable options available with us at a range of price points that would surely match your budget.

Buy Coasters Online - Tea & Dining Table Coasters Online Shopping

If you're looking for tea coasters or table coasters for your home, office, restaurant or cafe, you've landed at the right place as we offer them all. Our online store offers an array of ultra modern & contemporary coaster sets for sale that can complement just about any dining table, tea cup & mug of coffee. You can buy coasters online with ease now and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Our coaster sets are available in varied materials, including brass, wood and marble, as well as some decorative coasters that would add a touch of style to any table. If you prefer handmade items, our selection also offers handmade drink coasters that are unique and add a personal touch to your space. Our coaster sets are reasonably priced and come in a set of 2 coasters, set of 4 coasters, set of 6 coasters & set of 8 coasters.

Whether you’re looking for modern table coasters for your home or tea coasters for an upscale office or coffee shop, we have the coaster you need. Once you start using them, you’ll realize you should've started using them a long time ago.