Using Vases and candle holders to add glam to your table settings

Using Vases and candle holders to add glam to your table settings

With house parties and entertaining becoming a big part of our lives now, hosts are taking more and more effort to make intimate gatherings special and stylish and table settings are a big part of this. Nothing can beat the joy of having a stylish and intimate sit down dinner or lunch with your loved ones where multiple courses of food dwindle between multiple layers or conversations leading to many memories made. And when it comes to table settings the most critical element is the centre piece. Here are some tips to choose the right centre piece:

  1. Ensure that the centre piece is thematic and blends well with the decor of your dining space as well as the table décor. The simplest way to do this is to use a statement vase with fresh flowers that match the colour of the theme. Example red and white for romance, pink and purple for liveliness, yellow and orange for summer or tropic. This Straight Blush Rose Glass Vase – Nostalgia Homes stunning diamond cut, blush rose glass vase is a perfect pick for versatile set ups like these. For a classic table setting opt for this candlebra. Silver Candle Holder Stand For 5 Taper Candles – Nostalgia Homes
  2. The centre piece must encourage conversation and be a conversation starter instead of being a hindrance in cross table conversations. This stunning curved silver finish vase is sure to have everyone go gaga over. Silver Vase With Arch Curves – Nostalgia Homes Or go for this Three Balls Enamel Lotus Candle Holder – Nostalgia Homes stunning candle holder with a pillar candle.
  1. The centre piece should be practical (no shedding flowers) and less space consuming so you have space to serve. If it’s a sit down dinner it's absolutely alright to remove the centerpiece before serving. Donut vases are particularly very easy to style with multiple elements. Get them here Donut Ceramic Modern Flower Vase 8" Height – Nostalgia Homes
  2. Opt for fresh flowers over artificial or dried flower arrangements. Maybe combine the two to make it fit in the theme. Ensure the vase you choose is of the right dimensions and suits your flower arrangement. For taller flower arrangements opt for a high vase like this Large Curved Diamond Cut Blush Rose Glass Vase – Nostalgia Homes one. For wider flower arrangements for flowers with shorter stems opt for wide mouth vases like this one
  1. For a tropical theme you may even use fruits in a wide mouth bowl or grapes in a vase. This wide mouth glass urli with a gold cutwork base is perfect for fruits. Blue Glass Bowl Urli With Cutwork Base – Nostalgia Homes
  2. Candles add warmth and its always a good idea to add candle holders to your table settings. Ensure the candle holder is designed well and doesn’t lead to accidents. You may choose to use battery operated candles in case you have an outdoor setting or if there is a fan above your dining table. This LED candle stand is ideal for outdoors. Dome Shaped Baarik Texture Tea Light Candle Holder Light Gold Finish – Nostalgia Homes
  3. If you can combine candle holders with some flowers around, you have a winner. These dome shaped candle holders Dome Shaped Baarik Texture Tea Light Candle Holder Light Gold Finish – Nostalgia Homes can be the centrepiece with flowers all around it.

Clearly vases and candle holders make the best centerpieces for your table settings. Here are some ideas on how you can use these staple pieces to add a unique personalised touch to your table setting.

  1. Photos for personalisation

    Choose a wide mouth vase or urli and place fresh flowers in it. Print out some pictures of your guests and their families and stick them on a satay stick. Place them in between your flower arrangements and voila! You have a fun, personalised and diy centre piece that is sure to make your guests feel special! This simple vase Silver Vase With Arch Curves – Nostalgia Homes is ideal for this.
  2. Use aroma candles

    Pick a nice candle holder like this one Silver Mandala Candle Holder – Nostalgia Homes and opt for scented candles that match the mood of your gathering. A good fragrance can elevate the dining experience multi levels and add a very cosy touch to your table setting.
  1. Use a set of vases instead of a single piece

    Sometimes using a set of vases rather than a single piece can cover more ground and take the centre piece from vertical to horizontal making it more practical with more focus on the dinner table. These earthen colour palette ceramic vases are a perfect set of 3! Glazed Unshaped Ceramic Vase Set of 3 – Nostalgia Homes
  2. Arrange your flowers well in a deep vase

    The right flower arrangement is crucial to make your vase and table setting both stand out. Opt for a combination of flowers and ensure that it looks good from all sides. For all vases you need flowers with stems while for wide mouth short vases you can use foam and short stemmed flowers. This Silver Vase With Arch Curves – Nostalgia Homes vase with curved arches is perfect for tall stem flowers.
  1. Prioritize safety over aesthetics. Avoid using fabric or paper when using candles and ensure flowers used do not shed pollen. Keep safe distance between flowers and candles. If you have space constraints opt for vases that are compact yet statement. Like this gorgeous tear-drop shaped vase Tear Drop Shaped Off White Glazed Ceramic Modern Flower Vase – Nostalgia Homes When it comes to table settings the rule is to enjoy and ensure that you put your soul into the set up. Aesthetics follow.