Here is how Serving Tray Platters/Cheese Platters can amp up your party game!

Here is how Serving Tray Platters/Cheese Platters can amp up your party game!

Grazing tables, charcuterie boards, cheese platters and chips and dips are not a new phenomenon but with party scenes becoming longer, people becoming more conscious about what they eat and ‘practicality’ ruling the house party scene, these have now become a hosts best friends. The best thing is that you can prepare them well in advance and keep. Such appetizers don’t just look gorgeous, they don't need heating, add to the decor, and offer a wide variety of flavours to suit different taste buds. Most importantly there is scope to offer more variety at ease with these cold, delicious and healthy starters. However when it comes to Grazing tables, charcuterie boards, cheese platters and food platters, how you serve them is very important. It needs to be visually appealing, balanced and must have variety of flavours and textures. Most importantly they must be served on the right serveware or serving platters.

And I'm sure we would all agree that flat rimless platters are the ideal choice for these western classic appetizers. The market now has a variety of wooden and stone serving platters available that are ideal for cheese boards and dips, and can be used as vegetable platters, salad platters, sandwich platters or even as cake and cupcake platters. Depending on the size of the party you could choose to create one board or a complete grazing table with multiple boards with dips and cheeses along with other knick knacks and also serve nuts. We personally love wooden serving platters and marble serving platters for these especially those with minimal embellishment, just a little hint to add some style. Other options include eco-friendly bamboo platters, the evergreen ceramic platters and the new and trendy agate stone serving platters.

Here are some tips on how you can use wooden boards and serving platters to add an element of wow to your party!

  1. Balance out the components of the board using a variety of colours or sticking to one single tone. In either case, adding some flowers to complete the look would help. A unique serving platter would always be much appreciated and can be easily bought online in a verity of shapes and sizes. The most common shapes are square and round while rectangular serving platters are ideal if you have a variety of things to add to it. If you are looking for something that would stand out, check out this hand-painted serving platter from Nostalgia Homes that is varnished to allow for ease of use. Frangipani Wooden Cake Stand – Nostalgia Homes
  1. Opt for those with handles or an embellishment that offers some grip. These come handy when it comes to serving or handling the party platters or serving boards. This raised platform server in the classic combination of white and gold is a must have. Silver Tulip Spiral Design With Marble With Gold Base Cake Stand And K – Nostalgia Homes
  1. Wooden boards are lighter but need to be cleaned and air dried before storing. Marble serving platters look super chic and are easier to clean but are heavy to pass around. Granite boards look slick and are fairly practical too! For something that is uber stylish, go for this marble platter with silver embellishments. White Marble Platter On Silver Birds Branch Stand – Nostalgia Homes
  1. Ensure you add something sweet to your platter be it a fruit or a chocolate. Spread out the crackers and accompaniments to the dips and the cheeses so the board looks lovely even when it's half eaten. Use a flat rectangle or pineapple shaped serving platter like this one to make an impression. Wood & White Marble Pineapple Shape Serving Platter/Chopping Board – Nostalgia Homes
  1. Ensure you offer the right serving forks and knives with your boards. They need to be pretty to look at, easy to handle and practical. If you are ordering your serving platters online, don’t forget to order this set of cheese cutlery ideal for a hard cheese along with it. Nostalgia Cheese Cutlery in Gold & Silver Finish - Set of 3 – Nostalgia Homes
  2. Size matters! If you are having a big party, make sure the base of your serving platter or cheese board is big enough to comfortably fit all the elements you want to fit. Fancy serving platters some times don’t accomadate all the components you want to add to your platter. This Wood And Marble Rectangle Platter with Dragonfly Motif – Nostalgia Homes dragonfly platter is a great option for house parties and its rectangular shape helps accommodate a lot of things.

Invest in the right serveware and serving boards and you never have to hesitate to plan a house party!