Gifting ideas for every occasion and budget

Gifting ideas for every occasion and budget

Gifts given in the right spirit are always appreciated irrespective of the value or product. However, there certainly is no harm in looking for gifts that are appropriate, trending and suitable for use by the recipient. So before deciding a gift, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • The message you want to give
  • The taste and preferences of the recipient The occasion
  • The occasion
  • The budget

The message you want to give

Usually a gift is another way of saying you care. Which is why a thoughtful gift is always something that touches hearts and adds a lot of value to relationships. However, in addition to the relation, the gift also speaks volumes about the giver. It gives a message about the personality and focus of the giver, for example, a gift that is eco friendly or handmade would give a message of the sender being a socially conscious and forward thinking person who believes in preserving handicrafts, giving opportunities to handcrafts, taking efforts to preserve nature or our planet for the future generation.

If that’s the message you would like to give something made with natural materials like these clay mugs would make a perfect gift.

These mugs are 100% Organic, Lead-Free and are wonderfully textured with a double layer of underglaze. They are handcrafted with love with a real leaf impression and sculpted by skilled potters that have spent years perfecting their craft. These mugs would be a great way to start the day for the recipient of your gift, and remember you and your message of being environmentally conscious and closer to nature every morning as they sip their cuppa.
Price: Rs 691

Another such a thoughtful and cute present would be a succulent pot or a planter. Send it with a plant and encourage the recipient to nurture it with love and attention. Check out this cute planter that is sure to win the recipient’s heart!
Price: Rs 523

The taste and preferences of the recipient

Now what’s the point of a gift that doesn’t make the recipient swell with joy? So to bring that smile on your recipient’s face, look for something that is of their taste, style and preference. For example, if someone is home proud and loves to entertain guests, a cheese board or a cake stand, or a decorative candle stand would make a perfect gift. If they love flowers, you can send a bunch of blooms set in a stunning vase, like this one in that is in a silver finish and curved to perfection.
Price: Rs 3155

For those who like to make a statement and have a striking taste, something like these Black Round Agate Coasters with Gold Dragonfly Brass Motif in Center would be perfect! The combination of the black and gold is gorgeous and the detailing is sure to attract compliments.
Price: Rs 1765

For those who like to meditate, or seek peace, contentment and find joys in small things, look for something with Buddha, or a figurine that spells joy. Like these adorable Baby Monk candle holders. Made of fiber, the baby monk pieces come in three different poses, all with a sense of bliss on their faces. The tea light holders can accommodate like tea lights or tapered candles that add warmth and elegance to these
Price: Rs 1797

The Occasion

An occasion appropriate gift is always well appreciated. In fact festive gifting is a big deal in India and exchanging gifts during the festive season is a tradition that helps build relationships. Of course birthdays, weddings and other celebrations also make for perfect occasions to gift something special to your loved ones and each occasion demands a different attention to detail for the gift chosen. For example, for a festive gift, something with sweets or dry fruits would be perfect. Something like this gorgeous hand beaten gold and white tray could be sent with some mithai or dry fruits to your loved ones and I am sure they would love it for it would not just look very appealing, but also be used later as well. It can be used as a serving tray, a trinket tray or a elegant centerpiece.
Price: Rs 1244

A bowl full of chocolates could make a perfect gift for those who love to indulge in sweets and décor both! And if the bowl is as cute as this wooden one with little birdies on its edge, I am sure the recipient of your gift would be in the best of his festive spirit. Wooden Bird Serving Bowl – Nostalgia Homes
Price: Rs 3078

If you want to give a very unique festive gift, you can opt for this stunning marble platter with a gorgeous branch design with birds and champagne gold finish on the edges. You can add a cake, chocolates or just send it as it is!
Price: Rs 3830

If it’s a housewarming kind of occasion, then maybe a cake on this stunning wooden firangipani hand painted cake stand is just perfect! It will be a piece that is sure to blend in all décor styles and make a statement whenever it is used. Frangipani Wooden Cake Stand – Nostalgia Homes
Price: Rs 3400

For an occasion that is personal like a birthday or an anniversary, it’s a great idea to personalize your gift with a photograph framed in one of these stunning photo frames by Nostalgia Homes. We particularly love the Silver Branch and Birds on Pink Photo Frame that is inspired by nature. Its long silver branches, leaves, and birds on the edges lend it a very endearing look and feel.
Price: Rs 2959


Budget is often the starting point of most gift selections. However, it shouldn’t be the only criteria since that takes away the joy from gifting. Sometimes, the same thought can be presented in different budgets. Like for example, instead of the highly decorative photo frame mentioned above, one can give the same personalized touch to a gift in a lesser budget by opting for this frame instead.

It's just as pretty and is half the price! And if the budget is tighter, you can even opt for this simple yet elegant photo frame that is elegantly designed with the evergreen wood and white combination. Half Wood Half White Marble Handcrafted Photoframe – Nostalgia Homes
Price: Rs 959

This exquisite gold jar candle is another stunning gift for those looking at something on a budget of less than Rs 1000. Its gold hammered finish combined with the beautiful scent of its candle is sure to win many hearts. The intricate crown adds a very luxe appeal to the jar candle and the jar can be used later as a decorative piece once the candle has spread its warmth around.
Price: Rs 912

Classic yet unique

And if you are a big fan of the classic, and would like to gift something by the book yet elegant and attractive, you can consider one of these.
Quirky Wine bottle Holder
Designed to fit all standard bottles of wine, this Mango wood wine holder with a quirky man holding up the bottle would make for a perfect housewarming, anniversary, wedding or festive gift. It's as classic as it can get yet with a twist which we are sure will be much appreciated by the recipient of the gift.

Deer Candle Stand

A candle stand is one of the most accepted and appreciated gifts to families, whatever be the occasion. And this deer candle holder in brass is handmade with antique metal and can be used for pillar candles as well as tapered ones. So if you are looking for something that is sure to strike a chord in the heart of your recipient, just go for this! And thank us later!

Ganesha with diya

The elephant God is a favorite and gifting a figurine of Lord Ganesha is appropriate for all occasions, be it festive or otherwise. It's said to bring luck and prosperity and is usually welcomed with warm hearts. This one made in resin and mounted on semi-precious agate stone with gold foiling along the edges, is ideal since it also comes in a beautiful gift box. Check it out here

Happy selecting the right gift for your loved ones! Remember, a little effort goes a long way in building relationships.