Festive dining table settings to entertain guests

Festive dining table settings to entertain guests

Festive tablescapes are a great way to up your hosting game. Use our ideas for creating table setups that become conversation starters.

With the festive season around the corner, its always a good idea to plan your tablescapes for festive dining occasions, be it an intimate family dinner or a large poker party with friends. While food does take centrestage when it comes to dining, the table set ups and table décor are just as integral. Right from the décor, the centre pieces, the table linen, the crockery and cutlery, each adds to the dining experience. So make it memorable! To do so, here are some tips that you can use.

1. Plan your table set ups and tablespaces in a way that they not just look good but are also practical to serve and use. Overpopulating the table can result in difficulty in serving and must be avoided.

2. Focus on adding a festive vibe using fresh flowers, candle stands, centerpieces and ensure they are in sync with the tableware

3. Pick tableware that is simple with a touch of bling, be with mother of pearl, or a little bit of gold engraving.

4. Work with the same family of colours and use black white and neutral elements to balance out the colour.

5. Ensure that your tablescape has the tallest elements in the centre, a mid-level around it followed by the table level where you place the crockery.

6. The choice of table linen is important but must not be overpowering since you would like the other elements to stand out. So opt for simple subtle textures.

Festive Table set up for an intimate sit down dinner

Festivals are an occasion to spend time with your loved ones and every opportunity you get to enjoy an intimate dinner with close friends and family must be grabbed. And must be celebrated in style!

Here are some tips for a warm and cosy dinner sit down for a small group

Bring out your best crockery and keep that simple. Get matching table linen, something with a dash of gold or rose gold and use that as the starting point of the décor. Or opt for a bright colour like this deep orange linen set that would look fabulous with a gold centre piece. Deep Orange Jute Set Of 6 Table Mats with 1 Runner – Nostalgia Homes

Make the centre piece the conversation starter. Something traditional, wide based statement would be ideal for this. Add some flowers to this modern urli and be prepared for some compliments. Blue Glass Bowl Urli With Cutwork Base – Nostalgia Homes

Use vases to add flower arrangements. Either you can make the vase the centre piece or have them tower around your centre piece to give some dimension. If you have a low vase, it would be idea and wont come in the way of conversations across the table. You can even opt for a row of small vases and make that the centre piece. We love this vase to balance out the bling: Large Curved Diamond Cut Blush Rose Glass Vase – Nostalgia Homes

Layer your plates and focus on the cutlery. Very often we ignore simple things like the serving spoons and cutlery. Use trays to add to the glam factor. This tray in marble is easy to blend in with every décor and adds a touch of glam through the gold handles. Leaf Handle Gold Silver Decorative Tray on White Marble – Nostalgia Homes

Add a personalized touch to the tablescapes by making name cards.

Festive table set up for a cards party/poker night

For poker night or a cards party, its always a good idea to opt for a casual set up with the focus more on finger food. Set up your table for self-service and use the layering technique to achieve the look.

Here are some tips to create a festive table setting for a cards party/poker night

Use bright colours like blood red, black and royal blue and juxtapose it with gold to give a bold and dramatic look.

Place finger foods on cheese boards, multi later stands and add some red roses to go with the set up. This marble and wood combination cheese board is sure to stir up interest. Wood & White Marble Pineapple Shape Serving Platter/Chopping Board – Nostalgia Homes

Use place cards to describe the food and ensure they match the theme. is just what you might be looking for.

Ensure that there is ample cutlery, some spare plates, napkins and serving spoons.

Try and be innovative with your serve ware and ensure that not everything is placed flat on the table. Create levels using cake stands and vases. This white marble cake stand is perfect to make a lasting impression. White Marble 2 Tier Cake Stand With Gold Foiling – Nostalgia Homes

Festive Table set up for a large gathering

If you have a big fat Indian family and festive celebrations are always larger than life, its wise to opt for a buffet table setting. But fret not, there are many ways to make a buffet set up festive glam as well.

Here are some tips to add a touch of glam to your buffet table set up ideal for a large gathering.

Plan the flow of your guests around the table and place the crockery and cutlery right at the start of it.

Ensure there are paper napkins in between each plate. You can fold them and create a pattern with their placement. Opt for gold or bright red napkins to add to the festive look. Place your cutlery strategically and ensure it is neatly placed in a row.

Use matching serving bowls and ensure you have a serving spoon with every dish. Place the dishes on the side on the table mats and the dishes in the inner circle at a pedestal so one can easily access both. This black marble riser is so apt for such set ups! Gold Spiral Tulips Design Black Marble Top With Silver Base Cake Stand – Nostalgia Homes

In the centre space place high vases with fresh flowers or a gold centre piece. Tall candle stands with battery operated candles would lend the festive vibe. This lantern can add a lot of style to your centre piece. Natural Wooden LED Lantern – Nostalgia Homes

Don’t forget to add the name cards for each dish!