Creative Festive Décor ideas that are Aesthetically Appealing and reusable

Creative Festive Décor ideas that are Aesthetically Appealing and reusable

The festive season is around the corner and social media is abuzz with pictures of marigold clad festive décor. However, as the government is taking steps towards sustainable celebrations, and most of us understand the need for sustainable, reusable and creative décor for festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi, Diwali, Dussera and more, its time to take a step back. Its time to use ones creativity to create décor that not just enhances the vibe of the celebration, but results in minimum wastage of resources, is eco friendly and elegant. We highly recommend creating a festive décor that is not just sustainable, but with things that are available at ones home, or reusable later as décor pieces or for serving. We at Nostalgia Homes would like to share some ideas that could help you make your eco-friendly, classy and pocket-friendly festive décor set-up dream come true. Before we start, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Start with things that are already there in the house – urlis, vases, planters, trays, bowls, candlestands, all can become part of the décor.
  2. Pick things that have a touch of bling, gold, copper, rose gold or silver. Ensure all the items you get are from the same family. Something like this gold lily candle holder would be perfect
  3. Use plain linen. Textured is fine, but not printed.
  4. Illumination is a part of festive décor, so ensure you make candles, diyas or battery-operated lights a part of the set up. Something like this instantly lift up the mood.

Festive décor for party/welcoming guests/dressing up your home for the festival season

It’s a common practice in India to invite guests to exchange festive wishes, Diwali gifts, and seek blessings from elders on auspicious occasions. As tradition goes, most Indian households go through a thorough clean up and facial uplift before the festive season arrives. In the more modern times, its not uncommon to see homes don an all new festive avatar as the season approaches. Here are some ideas you can use to give your home a chic and classy festive look.

  1. 1. Change your centerpieces

    Opt for traditional designs, motifs and of course a little bit of bling. Either opt for one large thing or put a bunch of things in a tray or a bowl and add more dimension to the space. Ensure that the height and diameter of your centre piece is proportionate to your table. For example, for a centre table centerpiece usually square or circular pieces are better, for dining tables depends on the shape of the table, but something taller and running across the length of the table is better. For consoles, something low in height and narrow is more suitable. Here are some interesting centre pieces for your tables you can explore:

  2. 2. Spruce up your corners

    It's always a good idea to dress up corners that are often missed. Use flowers, candles, water bodies, traditional figurines for this. Something like this would look great!

    3. Don’t ignore your ceiling

    Hanging flowers or lights from your ceiling, or attaching them to existing ceiling elements can instantly lift the mood of your space. However, make sustainable choices and either make paper flowers at home or buy fresh flowers and dispose them responsibly. Avoid artificial plastic flowers that will end u in the land fill.

  3. 4. Textures and textiles

    These play a very important role in creating the perfect festive décor set up. Runners and table mats can be mixed and matched to accentuate your furniture and festive décor set ups. Don’t forget to play with shapes and sizes. However, ensure that there is synergy between your home linen and décor elements. These table mats are a great idea since they are also easy to clean:

  4. 5. Entrance

    When it comes to festive décor, the entryway is the most important. Traditionally homes decorated their entryways with colour and flowers to welcome gods, goddesses and humble guests. To up the game, you can add water bodies, rlis with fresh flowers uand layer up the décor. How about using a multi level cake stand as the base for your flower decoration? Something you can use later for serving as well? Check this one in marble that would look absolutely stunning!

Festive pandal set up

Be it a Ganpati pandal or for durga puja or laxmi puja, there are two main elements that should be kept in mind while designing the pandal. One is elevation and the other is the base. It is very important to ensure that both are in sync and whilst enhancing the décor, do not overshadow the main centerpiece or the idol. Here are some tips to create a small elegant pandal at home.

  • Use a textured table cloth and mount it on a frame for the backdrop. Embroidery hoops can be helpful if its not too big.
  • An inverted planter or urli can make for a perfect elevated seat. Embellish them if you need to add more colour.
  • Oversized candlestands are a great way to add drama and elegance to a pandal set up. You can even place diyas on top of these multilayered candlestands. Join them with bluetack to ensure the placement stays. This candlestand is just what you might be looking for.
  • Hang flowers or battery operated diyas and bells from the top at different levels to add more dimension to the set up.
  • Use large vases with fresh flower or dry flower arrangements to add colour and texture. Tall elements as this one help frame your murti beautifully.
  • Festive photo booth set up

    With Instagram reels and whatsapp photos taking centerstage in our modern lives, its never a bad idea to create a small and fun photo booth to create memories for guests. Make sure you pick a corner with good lighting, add a nice solid colour arm chair and small table, place floor vases, candle stands and planters around. Personalize the backdrop if you can, but focus mostly on the lighting and the vibe. Here is one product you should definitely consider for your photo booth. Remember home is where the heart is. May everyone who visits your hear this festive season, leave an impression of love and positivity. Have a great festive season!