Choosing Party Serving trays and platters for stylish table settings

Choosing Party Serving trays and platters for stylish table settings

Festive season or not, entertaining is a big part of the modern Indian culture and stylish table settings the pride of every host. House parties have become a huge norm recently and doing it in style is an absolute pleasure. Add to do that the one thing that is an absolutely must have is stylish serving dishes, especially those that are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

Serving dishes are predominantly divided into two types, deep dish and shallow dish.

Deep dish serving platters are usually used for gravies or anything that is a little runny. Shallow serving platters, especially the wooden and marble serving dishes that are trending currently are ideal for laying out appetisers and dry food items. And then of-course there are the dessert serving platters. These too can be varied based on the type of dessert you wish to serve. Deep dish serving platters are ideal for soufflés and runny desserts like kheer while shallow dishes are perfect for dry desserts like mithais and cakes.

Recently there is a huge trend of individual servings wherein the serveware is tapas style and presented on flat boards or trays. These not just look great but are also easy to serve and eat in. This marble and wood serving platter from Nostalgia home is an all time favourite.

Wood And Marble Oval Platter With Brass – Nostalgia Homes.
The key to serving in style of course is the final set up. Here are some tips to make your table settings stand out:

1. Use different levels

Multi-layer serving platters are a huge hit since they allow adding a third dimension to the table setting and create visual delight. Be it desserts or appetisers serve the visual appeal that these two tier and three tier serving stands offer is immense. They are also perfect for buffet set ups and can later be used as decor elements in the house.

This set of 2 Stainless Steel Platters With Brown Agate Stone are ideal for dry appetizers or nuts. Stainless Steel Platters With Brown Agate Stone - Set of 2 – Nostalgia Homes It not just elevates the look but also makes it practical to serve.

This cake stand in marble White Marble 3 Tier Dessert Stand With Gold Foiling – Nostalgia Homes can be used for serving individual portions in style.

2. Keep it clean

No droplets falling, no messy spoons, use serviettes and serving spoons that are pretty and practical and ensure there is a place for everything. Tissue stands and table napkins are a must and can be used to style as well.

Check out this gorgeous pearl napkin holder to add an elegant touch to your table setting. Pearl Drop and Leafy Nature Metal Napkin Holder – Nostalgia Homes

3. Bold and beautiful

Pick serving dishes that are pretty and practical. They need to be the right size and must be easy to clean and maintain. Opt for serving platters that fit the theme of your table setting – a pineapple shape for a tropical theme table setting, a pearl one for a grandmamma style table setting or a dull finish one for a period setting.

This Metal Black Tray With Moroccan Multi-Coloured Design-Set Of 2 – Nostalgia Homes is a great idea to serve individual portions and adds a colourful touch to an otherwise mundane setting.

4. Use coordinated sets or mix and match

Using serveware that is well coordinated elevates the style quotient of the table setting. However, its not always practical to find all serving platters that are the same design. In that case one can opt to mix and match serving dishes from the same material family. Like use different wooden platters together to give a rustic feel or marble serving platters for a chic classy look. Opt for serving dishes in different shapes to add an element of fun and colourful ceramic ones for a trendy look.

Check out this pineapple shaped serving bowl from Nostalgia Homes to add a chic touch to your table setting. Pastel Green Pineapple Ceramic Snack Bowl – Nostalgia Homes

Or pair this wooden bowl Wooden Bird Serving Bowl – Nostalgia Homes with shallow tray to create a well-coordinated look Wooden Tray With Silver Birds – Nostalgia Homes

5. Add statement accessories to make your table settings stand out

Vases, flowers, candles and thematic centre pieces are a great idea to add a touch of style to your table settings. Choose wisely and opt for something that matches the shape of your table.

This Brass Serving Bowl On Deer Horns – Nostalgia Homes brass serving bowl with deer horns can be used for serving as well as a centrepiece.

At the end of the day, a neat and tidy table setting with minimal fuss and maximum ease of use is ideal for any setting or theme. Pick the right serving dishes and you are good to go!